Pin Blaster version 1.9.1 is out!

It might not seem much of an update, but believe me if you are working with Pin Blaster for your pinterest marketing campaigns it might mean a lot to you as it does for me.

  1. Version 1.92:

    *Added “Select all” option in “Add who can pin in board” function
    *Fixed various other issues


    Pin Blaster

How to get more Pinterest followers

Every social media site is based on the concept of followers more or less these days. This is also how Pinterest works of course. I will try to give you some guidelines that have been around for ages (but still work in 2014 if done properly), about how to get more followers on Pinterest by just doing your daily tasks.

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Pinterest Logo

So in 2014 is still rule number one. Engage. The more you are engaged with your social media account, whether in Pinterest, or Facebook or whichever, the more followers you are going to get eventually.

If engage was the master rule, then the golden rule should be content. Content is king internet marketers say all the time. This is true 100%. If you do not have good content there is absolutely no way that you can keep your audience engaged and grow.

With that being said now I would like to proceed with some more specific ways to grow your audience on the Pinterest platform:

  • Due to the fact that Pinterest is based on boards, it is very useful to promote individual boards, but also to join collaborative boards. Spend the necessary time to connect with the owners of these boards, create real connections and maybe even friendships. Spam tactics have the tendency to not work, or work for a very short time. So do not do it!


  • Moreover, link with your account as many other social accounts you can like Twitter and Facebook. Most social media networks these days support cross connecting the major networks. When you have a successful board on Pinterest it is a shame not to also have a successful page on Facebook, or a “support” account on Twitter that can have a more straightforward conversation with your followers.


  • Comment. Tag. Re-pin. Repeat. Make this a part of your daily schedule and your workflow and you will see very soon the magic happen. Remember we are living in 2014, smartphones and tablets can help you do more efficiently these tasks and in time / places that you could not do it before. Personally I manage most of my social media the time I spend in the bathroom and before going to sleep, instead of just doing pointless web surfing.

I would really like to hear from you if you tried some of these ways and if you also have some ideas to share with us.

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Pinterest Marketing Strategies [Infographic]

pinterest marketing infographic

Complete guide to Pinterest Marketing article

The following is a really interesting article I stumbled upon while searching for updated material concerning new marketing techniques on Pinterest. It seems that Pinterest is way more interesting than Facebook or Twitter for internet marketers due to the simple fact that it concerns more “ready to buy” audience.

make money on pinterest

Pinterest Marketing

Enjoy reading the article:


Pinterest users are primed and ready to buy. If you’re not yet marketing to them, you should. Get started with these tips.

No time or resources to create or enhance your presence on Pinterest? I have a few stats that might just change your mind.

According to Sprout Insights, Pinterest’s share of social-media referrals soared from .68 percent to a whopping 26 percent in just one year, generating more than 400 percent more revenue per click than Twitter and 27 percent more than Facebook. Do you want to increase the likelihood of a purchase? Well, then you should know that shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to follow through with a purchase than visitors from other social networking sites. Pure and simple: Pinterest can be the star of your social-media sales and marketing efforts.

But remember: The members of your social-media audience don’t want to feel as if they’re being pitched. They are not there to be sold to; they are there to connect, learn, and relax. So make sure to offer creativity and value in your pins: humor, statistics, interesting facts, and beauty. Pinterest is about the senses; if your visuals aren’t appealing to the eye and your words don’t stimulate the imagination, your followers will move on.

Below, I’ve created a quick resources and how-to guide for Pinterest success. Begin by creating your business account. If you have a personal account, you can convert it to a business account. You’ll find an analytics tool and other great business features to support your campaign. When you are ready to begin pinning, download the Pinterest button from the goodies page and place it on your website.

But first, you’ll want to create a list of ideas and a collection of fabulous pins–your Pinterest plan. Here are a few ideas, tips, and resources:

Share infographics and checklists.

What are some interesting facts about your industry, consumer habits, or your product or service? If you are a coach or consultant–Pinterest isn’t just for product companies, you know–create a colorful infographic about productivity or procrastination. If you are a florist, gather statistics on the most popular flowers, occasions for gifting, and other interesting tidbits about your industry.

Checklists are fun, too. A cleaning service could post a handy spring-cleaning checklist. Or how about a “things we need for the new baby” checklist created by a nanny service or baby-furniture retailer?

You can create these infographics and checklists in PowerPoint, but there are free templates and infographic creators available as well.

Evoke emotions, and make it shareable.

Make sure your images are pleasing to the eye and evoke emotion. Use enticing words and phrases that engage the senses. If you are pinning food, use words that make people hungry, such as succulent or mouth-watering. If you’re pinning accessories for women, use words that make women feel sexy, stylish, and beautiful.

Teach with tutorials.

DIY ideas are hugely popular. Tutorials rank high for click-throughs and traffic generation. These, too, can be in the form of a checklist, infographic, or even video. What do you teach or manufacture? Create a stripped-down version to generate interest and get your audience engaged.

Engage with videos.

When you think Pinterest, you’re most likely to think pictures, but videos are one of the highest forms of engagement on the site. Pin your videos from YouTube, and get plenty of mileage out of them.

Use a call to action.

Everyone loves a bargain. Create a cool background image and overlay a coupon code or special offer. A call to action increases engagement by 80 percent, so include text like: Click Here, Repin This, or Comment Below. Make sure to include a link that makes it easy to buy the product.

Grab them with teaser text.

Create interest and curiosity with teasers like “five tips to a stress-free day” or “how to build your own chicken coop.” Use attractive background images with eye-catching colors.

Boost your SEO.

Pinterest helps rank in search-engine optimization, so make sure to get your account ranked for keywords. Pinterest has a root domain that ranks high with Google. Use keywords in the About section, on pins, in board titles, captions, and links (type in a URL in the image description area). Also use hashtags.

If you add prices to your caption with the $ sign and a numeric value, it indexes you into Pinterest’s popular Gifts category.

Schedule your pins.

You may be accustomed to scheduling your social updates. Not to worry; you can do the same on Pinterest with Pingraphy. Schedule a good number of your pins during the high-traffic times on Pinterest, which are early in the morning and late at night, with Saturday morning ranking top of the list.


Source: Your complete guide to Pinterest marketing – Yahoo Small Business Advisor

PinBlaster version 1.9.1 is out today!

Today the developers of PinBlaster did an update to the first and best pinterest automation program. The current version is 1.9.1. Bellow you can find the changes and additions that were made to the program. Enjoy:


PinBlaster 1.9.1

  • You can now scrape (in Pin Actions) from pitnerest source link
  • Fixed some issues with unblocking multiple accounts (with pop3)
  • When checking proxies, we added an option to “not deassociate proxies for account if they are invalid”
  • Added option to clear log
  • When checking proxies, it will only check the selected proxies (if you have at least 1 proxy selected) or all proxies (if you have no proxy selected in the list)
  • When scraping pins, sometimes an extra text was added to the end of the description “check out more at…”. This is fixed now

Exclusive only

  • Added the option to remove pin category (so when posting to your blog, it will use the blog category and not the pin category)
  • When posting to blog, if you have a category set on your pin, it will create a blog category matching the category of the pin and upload there (instead of using the default blog category you specify)
  • Minor other improvements


The first and best pinterest marketing automation software

Get PinBlaster version 1.9.1 now.

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Introduction to Pinterest Marketing

Over the past few months, you may have heard some chatter about a brand new social network called Pinterest. Not surprising. According to Compete, unique visitors to increased by 429% from September to December 2011, and the social network already boasts a user base of 3.3 million. Pinterest is only growing in popularity as the hottest new social network, and in December 2011, it made Hitwise’s list of the top 10 social networks, currently sitting at #5 and beating out big names like LinkedIn and Google+. And as with any hot new social network that comes onto the scene, marketers are chiming in with, “Can I use it for marketing?” “…and, how?”

The short answer? Absolutely. The longer answer? Read on to find out how. (And be sure to follow HubSpot’s pins at!)

What is Pinterest, and How Does it Work?

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by posting (AKA ‘pinning’) images or videos to their own or others’ pinboards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned. Using a visual emphasis, the social network is very much focused on the concept of a person’s lifestyle, allowing you to share your tastes and interests with others and discover those of likeminded people. The social network’s goal is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the Pinterest bookmarklet.

As with most other social networks, users can perform standard social networking functions such as following the boards of their friends, liking and commenting on other users’ pins, re-pinning content to their own boards, sharing others’ pins on Facebook and Twitter or via email, and even embedding individual pins on their website or blog.

Pinterest Etiquette

As with any site that is built around content curation, ‘pinners’ (Pinterest users) must be especially cognizant of citing the sources of their individual pins. And while Pinterest makes no direct statement that marketers cannot use the social network for promotional purposes, the site does discourage blatant self-promotion:

Avoid Self Promotion | Pinterest is designed to curate and share things you love. If there is a photo or project you’re proud of, pin away! However, try not to use Pinterest purely as a tool for self-promotion.”

Couple this with Pinterest’s lifestyle vision, and what its means is that marketers need to find creative ways to promote their brand on the network and truly jive with its vision and user base. In other words, businesses should use the social network to showcase the lifestyle their brand promotes. If you’re a shoe vendor, a pinboard of the shoes you sell won’t cut it. A pinboard of a few of your shoes interspersed with images of places those shoes could take you, however, is the direction you should be thinking.

AARP’s Pinterest account features a pinboard called ‘Quotes to Live By,’ which is a great example of a business using Pinterest to promote the lifestyle of its brand.

AARP quotes resized 600

How to Create a Pinterest Account

Surprisingly enough, user access to Pinterest still operates under an invitation-only basisThat being said, you can request an invitation, and Pinterest doesn’t exactly seem to be very stingy about granting requests. Visit, click ‘Request an Invite,’ and enter your email address to be notified when you have access to create your account. Or you can ask a friend who already has a Pinterest account to invite you — this seems to be the speediest of the two methods.

(Important Tip: Be sure to register your account with the same email address you use for your business’ Twitter account so you can easily share your new pins through your Twitter account, too. Once you receive an invitation to sign up for Pinterest, you’ll want to sign up through the Twitter option, not the Facebook option. This will enable you to tie your Pinterest account to your business’ Twitter account, not your personal Facebook profile. Currently, Pinterest doesn’t offer a connection to Facebook business pages.)

request invite resized 600

Once your account is activated, optimize your Pinterest profile under ‘Settings.’ Choose your company name as your username and complete your profile information, including a company description, logo, and a link to your website. Be sure you keep ‘Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines’ checked to ‘Off’ so your profile can get indexed in search.

Build Your Following on Pinterest

Once you get started, you’ll want to create a few pinboards before you start trying to build your Pinterest following (check out the list in the next section for some great ideas!). This way, new followers will have a reason to follow your pins; it’s the same reason why you would populate a brand new blog with a few posts before you start promoting it. Unfortunately, because the ‘Find Friends’ feature on Pinterest leverages a personal Facebook profile (not business page), this tool won’t be very useful for your business. Therefore, you’ll want to promote your presence through other means to jumpstart your Pinterest following:

  • Add the Pinterest follow button to your website.
  • Promote your presence on Pinterest through your other social networks by encouraging your followers/fans on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter to follow your pins!
  • Consider launching your presence with a Pinterest contest (see below), and write a blog post to promote it.
  • Start following users you think would want to follow you back.


Think Outside the Box: 13 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve brainstormed a list of creative ideas (and found some real-life examples) for using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing mix.

1. Feature Your Visual Content: Let’s start with the basics. Pinterest is a visual social network, so if your business pumps out a lot of visual content like data visualizations or infographics, consider creating a pinboard that highlights some of your best visual content. Just as the shoe example above, be strategic about how you pin this content, and mix in other images to amplify the visual appeal of your pinboard.

modcloth2. Create a User-Generated Pinboard: Because you can allow other users to contribute their own pins to your hosted pinboards on a user by user basis, this opens up a great opportunity to involve fans and customers in your marketing. Pick out a few of your top fans or customers, and create a board dedicated to their pins. Ask the customer to pin images that showcase the lifestyle they enjoy because of your brand. Does your software save them time? Ask them to pin images of things that represent the time they save or the things they can do with that saved time. This is a great way to leverage customer testimonials in a unique and visual way. Clothing retailerModCloth uses this tactic in its ‘Guest Pinner Gallery.’

3. Host a Contest: First, consult Pinterest’s terms of use to make sure the contest you’re holding doesn’t infringe upon its guidelines. And if you liked our previous example, you’re going to get giddy about this one. Hold a contest that asks users to create a pinboard on their own account to demonstrate what they love about your brand, products, or services. If you’re that shoe vendor we mentioned above, you might ask customers to create a pinboard that shows pins of them doing fun and awesome things while wearing your shoes. Ask them to send you a link to their pinboard so you can evaluate entrants, and the coolest board wins a prize! Even better — you can also re-pin the top boards to your own Pinterest page and ask followers to vote on the boards to select the winner. This is exactly what High Point Market did in its October Pinterest campaign to promote High Point Market Week, during which it recruited fashion home trendsetters to showcase their favorite products and trends.

high point market resized 600


4. Add the Pin-It Button to Your Website: Make it super easy for website visitors to share your

5. Gather Insight Into Your Buyer Personas: 
Use Pinterest as a tool for understanding the interests and needs of your ideal customers. View pinboards of your customers to aid in your understanding of who your customers are and what they’re interested in. visual content or images on Pinterest by adding a Pin-It button to the visual content on your site. Just like other social media sharing buttons, this will help to expose your brand to a brand new audience. Where you showcase your other social media account presence, you can also add the Pinterest follow button, too! Click here to create your website buttons today.

6. Re-Pin What Your Followers Are Interested In: Showcase the cool things your followers are pinning in a separate pinboard but re-pinning followers’ pins. This will add a non-promotional, interesting dynamic to your collection of pinboards while promoting engagement with your followers. Whole Foods is a great example of a brand on Pinterest who re-pins other users’ pins often.

7. Become an Curation Expert: Become the go-to Pinterest account for pins about a certain subject or topic relating to your industry. For example, because HubSpot is a marketing software company, we could create a pinboard that features awesome visual examples of great online marketing. Or if you’re a paper company, you could create a pinboard that features really awesome origami paper creations from around the web. Minted is a great, real-life example of a paper company that leverages this tactic by creating themed pinboards that show unique ways to use paper, mixed in with other related lifestyle photos, such as in its ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween board:

minted pinterest resized 600

8. Create a Video Gallery: Pinners aren’t only limited to pinning images; they can pin videos, too! Create a pinboard of some of the interesting videos your business produces interspersed with relevant images. How about a blooper gallery while you’re at it? Do executives in your business do a lot of speaking at industry conferences and events? Create a pinboard that features videos of your speakers and images of them speaking or networking at events to promote your speaking program.

9. Feature Offline Events: Create a pinboard that features the best photos and video footage of the annual event you host to help you generate buzz and promote the next one.

10. Use Hashtags: Just like social networks like Twitter and Google+, Pinterest users can leverage hashtags to tag their pins and make their content more search-friendly. Promoting a new campaign of some sort? Create a pinboard around it, and tag it with a hashtag you’re also using on Twitter and Google+ to leverage an integrated, cross-channel campaign. Club Monaco leverages its Pinterest account for this very purpose, using the #cultureclub hashtag and pinboard to promote a section of its website called Culture Club.

culture club resized 600

11. Showcase Your Business’ Personality: As we’ve mentioned, Pinterest has a heavy lifestyle focus, so what better opportunity is there to give people a peek into the personality of your brand? Create a pinboard that showcases your employees and life around the office — show them working together, show them making your products/services, and show some of the fun activities your business participates in, such as company outings, parties, award ceremonies, volunteer days, etc. Letting people in behind-the-scenes will make your brand relatable, interesting, and humanized. The Today Show, for example, uses one of its pinboards called ‘Anchor Antics’ to let you into the personalities of the show’s stars.


today show resized 600

12. Drive Pinterest Users Back to Your Website (and Track Results!): Incorporating Pinterest into your social media marketing mix might seem like a great opportunity for your business, but you need to make sure it’s generating results to make it worth your time and effort. Whenever possible, include links back to your website and landing pages in your pins to drive traffic back to your website. Keep track of referral traffic and leads generated from Pinterest.

13. Follow Social Media Best Practices: Pinterest is a social network, so it’s a great idea to follow the best practices you operate under for most other social networks. Spend time to increase your following, be engaging with your followers, keep your Pinterest account regularly updated, and drive traffic back to your website when possible to increase conversions.

Have you started experimenting with Pinterest for marketing? In what creative ways have you used it to promote your business?



Pin Blaster is Back!!!


Although some people acted fast and grabbed a copy of Pinblaster bot I am in the difficult position to inform you all that this program is Sold Out for some time now.

The developers said that it might become available again on the market. Lots of people use the program successfuly to make money with Pinterest… well the others have to wait for now!

Stay tuned and try to grab it next time it goes live guys! Its really worth it!


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Pin Blaster Review #1

…or “How to make money with Pinterest”…



I was one of the lucky people that had an early access to this fantastic new software called Pin Blaster. Pin Blaster is made from some people with tons of experience on their backs in internet marketing software.


We are talking about the creators of the very successful products like CPA Blaster, Mass Video Blaster and Video Marketing Blaster (-affiliate links with special discounts). These products still help people make loads of cash from internet marketing and are a definite must-buy if you want to succeed the easy way. Also these products still work and still have full support (something that is missing from this industry a lot…).


Let us talk now about Pin Blaster a new and exciting product.


The setup and the first run of Pin Blaster are as easy as it gets and as expected in 2012. The first real look you have on the product gives you a good feeling overall. As a designer myself I can understand that this is happening because its all pretty simple and well laid out.


Not too many buttons, windows and graphics. Only the required things to make everything work good and speedy. Also another thing I noticed is the speed of Pin Blaster. It opens and runs as quick as it gets (a problem often met with IM software and bots).


make money with pinterest

But what exactly does Pin Blaster do?

To understand what exactly Pin Blaster does, you have to work on it. You cannot imagine the possibilities this program gives. And if you want to / or if you are already making money online then you clearly know that when you are the first to use something you have the best chance to make tons of cash.

Pinterest is still in open beta phase and already millions of people use it daily! NOW is your chance to enter in this game and make money with pinterest as well. More on that bellow…

On the first tab of Pin Blaster you can see that you can input your Pinterest accounts and let different proxies handle each account. If you are still new in Internet Marketing and you don’t understand what proxies are for don’t worry. Just go over to this site and copy some free ones (free proxies are not so stable but they can do the job), Free web proxy lists. Of course if you want to make all things right then you should buy some private proxies on the site I mentioned before you can find some of the best providers as well.

What Accounts & Proxies tab in Pin Blaster does is actually giving the program access to your pinterest accounts.

how to make money with pinterest using pinblaster

User Actions Tab [Pin Blaster

The next module/tab in Pin Blaster is called User Actions,


this module takes the users you have imported in the previous tab and tells them to “Get Social!”. It follows other pinterest users. Simple as that! In social media you know (if you don’t, learn it) that if you don’t have people following you, you can’t promote anything at all. And what is the best way to get followers? Start following (well unless you are a celebrity…).

Followers are the people that will be the traffic to your Pins, and the ones that will make you money. Pin Blaster has all the options that you will need for that. First and foremost!



If you want to promote iPhones and you start following people in the Cosmetics category then you probably have thought something wrong!

The first rule to increase conversions is to get targeted traffic.


…Pin Blaster Review #2 coming soon… 

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